Our Review: Organic Pu-erh Ginger Tea by Rishi

Organic Pu-erh Ginger Tea by Rishi

Organic Pu-erh Ginger

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If you want a go-to pu-erh tea, but don't love the typical earthy, dirt-like flavor, then this is a great tea for you! Rishi blended tasty ginger and citrus flavors in with their classic pu-erh to create this delicious tea perfect for a morning pick me up.

It's a great tea for replacing your morning coffee with, or sipping in the afternoon, since it has enough caffeine to give you a pick up without leaving you crashed afterwards. And since it's pu-erh, you can re-infuse it three or four times with each serving. It gets better for the second and third, so don't throw it away after the first steep!

Original Product Description

Elemental and invigorating with zesty flavors of ginger and citrus. USDA organic. Certified kosher. Certified Organic by QAI. Ancient Tree Teas are hand harvested in a wild, organic and shade grown environment. The old tea tree forests are rich with biodiversity, fertile soil and ecological balance not typically found in cultivated tea gardens. By choosing Fair Trade Certified Ancient Tree Teas you are directly supporting a better life for Yunnan's ethic minority families through fair prices, direct trade, community development, education and environmental stewardship. The Dai, Lahu Bulang ethic minorities of Yunnan's remote mountain villages have cultivated tea for more than 1300 years, harvesting it from heirloom tea trees planted by their ancestors in 696 AD. Rishi's Ancient Tree Teas are produced exclusively by these peoples, whose economic well-being and cultural traditions are intertwined with the ancient trees.

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