7 Barley Tea Benefits: Boost Fertility, Reduce Heartburn and More


How to Make Oolong Tea Like a Tea Master



We’re a bunch of tea lovers scattered around the world, always looking for a new tea or blend to steep and sip. We created Cup & Leaf to share our knowledge of tea with the world, and help you find amazing new teas, brew them perfectly, and get all the wonderful health benefits tea has to offer.

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Pu-erh Special 3 Year Aged by Cup & Leaf

This 3-year aged pu-erh has all of the rich earthy notes you need to truly enjoy this special type of tea. It does taste more earthy and dirt-like than most teas, but after a few sips, you may come to love the unique flavor.

Green Yerba Mate by Cup & Leaf

It's a strong, bitter, earthy flavor that takes some getting used to, but once you do, you can come to love this traditional energizing drink.

Jasmine Matcha Green Tea by Cup & Leaf

This Jasmine Matcha is the perfect "casual" matcha for sipping in the afternoon, enjoying with some milk, or mixing into other drinks. It's luxury quality, but less expensive than the super-premium "ceremonial grade" matcha, so you won't be draining the bank so much by enjoying this one.