Our Review: Jasmine Matcha Green Tea by Cup & Leaf

Jasmine Matcha Green Tea by Cup & Leaf

Jasmine Matcha

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Cup & Leaf
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Jasmine, Floral, Sweet
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This Jasmine Matcha is the perfect "casual" matcha for sipping in the afternoon, enjoying with some milk, or mixing into other drinks. It's luxury quality, but less expensive than the super-premium "ceremonial grade" matcha, so you won't be draining the bank so much by enjoying this one. And since it's so finely ground and has such a unique flavor, it adds an interesting twist to anything else you mix it into, whether that's a latte or your favorite morning smoothie.

Original Product Description

Matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves. This matcha comes from delicious jasmine green tea, giving the matcha a unique flavor you may not have sampled before. It's considered a luxury drink in Japan where it first became popular, and has since taken the US by storm, becoming popular both in its traditional form and mixed into more modern variations like matcha lattes. 

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