Delicious Tea for a Healthy Life

Welcome to Cup & Leaf!

Hi, we're Nat & Cosette!

For the last few years, we've been obsessed with finding new and delicious tea to add to our collection. As we tasted more and more, we learned about the many positive aspects (including health benefits!) that come from regularly enjoying one of the world's oldest beverages. Our realizations were so vast that we decided to begin Cup & Leaf, a company whose main purpose is to share those teas with you.

At the start of our journey, we were solely a blog that provided information about tea each week. However, as time went on, we've grown to source and sell our own delicious teas.

So now, in addition to publishing new articles about tea, we also sell Cup & Leaf tea. We source our tea from all over the world to ensure you're getting the best quality possible, without breaking the bank!

We're so excited to be on this tea adventure with you. Please be sure to check back regularly to find new posts, new teas, and to learn more about the oldest, healthiest, tastiest beverage (maybe besides water!) in the world.

Happy Steeping,

Nat & Cosette