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Yunnan Longrun Pu-erh
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Our Review: Yunnan Longrun Pu-erh Tea Cake by Dali

This pu-erh tea cake from Dali is an authentic taste of true, aged pu-erh. It has aged for 8 years, baking the fermented goodness into the tea, and you can taste the rich, earthy tones in every sip. Since it's a cake, you'll need to break it up into smaller steepable pieces in order to enjoy it, but once you do you'll be rewarded with a tasty tea you can infuse as many as half a dozen times. Pu-erh does take some getting used to since it has such a strong earthy, and, honestly, dirt-like flavor, but if you develop the taste for it then you'll love this pu-erh by Dali.

Original Product Description

This Pu-erh tea cake (traditionally called a 'Bing' in Chinese) is processed and fermented with a unique formula blended from the Spring buds of the hundred-year arbor tea trees growing along the coast of Lang Cang River in Lin Cang, Yunnan Province. This tea has many potential health benefits for the stomach. The soup is a bright red-brown, with a smooth slightly sweet and mellow aftertaste. Pu-erh tea comes exclusively from Yunnan province in China and tea enthusiasts and newcomers alike are drawn to its unique flavors, its cultural roots and the ever expanding wealth of health benefits associated with this special tea. The special blend of tea leaves from the 100 year old tea trees make this particular Pu-erh cake even more special. We look forward to sharing our passion for this tea with you and to continuing discussions. Please reach out anytime!

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