Our Review: Stash Herbal Tea Peppermint

Stash Herbal Tea Peppermint

Stash Premium Herbal Tea Caffeine Free Peppermint

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Stash Herbal Tea Peppermint is a straightforward mint tea with no extra bells and whistles. We find ourselves reaching for it as a go-to tea any time of day when we want a revitalizing pick-me-up. The clean, minty aroma is energizing in the morning and comforting at night. Stash Peppermint is especially refreshing on a sick day when you need to clear your sinuses, ease an upset stomach or soothe inflamed nasal passages. 

Original Product Description

Stash Peppermint is produced exclusively from top quality Oregon and Northwest grown peppermint, considered the world's finest. Clean, very minty, refreshing and aromatic, this Peppermint tea is superb hot or iced. Excellent after meals.

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