Our Review: Organic Earl Grey Cream by Cup & Leaf

Organic Earl Grey Cream by Cup & Leaf

Organic Earl Grey Cream

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Cup & Leaf
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Cream, Citrus, Bergamot, Earthy
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Like our Milk Oolong, this was a must-have as a first tea for launching our own tea line. It's a delicious organic earl grey tea blended with french vanilla to give it a uniquely smooth flavor, so much so that you'll think you actually added cream to it. It's a perfect morning drink to replace your coffee, and that you can sip throughout the day without becoming overly caffeinated.

Original Product Description

A delicious twist on the classic earl grey. This bergamot-infused black tea is mixed with french vanilla to make it smooth, aromatic, and to remove some of the bitter bite that can come from steeping classic earl grey. 

Try it with some milk, honey, or a bit of lemon. 

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