Our Review: Jocko White Tea

Jocko White Tea

Jocko White Tea

Made By
Jocko Willink
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Pomegranate, Hibiscus, Lemongrass
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Who knew Navy SEALs could make tea? What seemed at first like a gag product, Jocko White Tea is a surprisingly delightful blend of white tea and pomegranate. It's light in caffeine which makes it perfect for the afternoon, and the tea bags steep perfectly well cold if you want to throw a few in a pitcher to steep in the fridge overnight for some delicious iced tea.

Original Product Description

This tea was designed by and is specifically produced for Jocko Willink, creator and voice of the JOCKO PODCAST and author of the bestselling books: DISCIPLINE EQUALS FREEDOM FIELD MANUAL, Extreme Ownership, Way of the Warrior Kid, and Marc's Mission.

Discipline Equals Freedom and Jocko White Tea equals energy and focus. 

Best enjoyed at 0445 - get up before the enemy.

Take Extreme Ownership and order Jocko White Tea TODAY. For more Jocko Willink listen to Jocko Podcast.

Start your day with a nice big cup of GET SOME.

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