Our Review: Harney and Sons Dragon Pearl Jasmine

Harney and Sons Dragon Pearl Jasmine

Dragon Pearl Jasmine

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Harney and Sons
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Floral, jasmine, sweet
Loose / Teabags
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This Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea provides a convenient, luxurious experience for the average tea consumer — 20 tea sachets come in an elegant tin box and the white tea "pearls" unfurl when brewed. It's fun to watch and easy to brew.

For tea connoisseurs or those wanting to take the next step in their tea journey, we recommend purchasing this fine white tea in loose leaf form and brewing with an infuser instead. The sachets leave little room for the delicate flavor and aroma to fully develop. Yes, the pearls unfurl, but not to their fullest capacity, so the mild flavor leaves us wanting more. The sachets are also packed loosely in the tin rather than individually wrapped, so they lose some of their flavor.

However, this tea will fit the bill if you're looking for a simple cup of caffeinated white tea. The box and the sachets are aesthetically pleasing, and the bag yields a cup of satisfying, gentle jasmine blossom tea. For jasmine lovers, budget shoppers, or tea connoisseurs, look elsewhere.

Original Product Description

Rolled "pearls" of tea that unfurl once brewed, releasing a peerless aroma and an enchanting flavor.

Ingredients: Beautiful tea leaves and white tea buds are lightly oxidized and rolled into balls. Jasmine flowers are then added to flavor the tea.

Character: A beautiful yellow tea that is lightly bodied with a delightful floral scent.

Effects: Enchanting.

Caffeine Content: 30-50 milligrams

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