Our Review: English Breakfast by Cup & Leaf

English Breakfast by Cup & Leaf

English Breakfast

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Cup & Leaf
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Strong, Earthy, Dark
Loose / Teabags

English breakfast is a classic favorite tea, so popular that it's usually what people are referring to when they ask for "black tea." You can get english breakfast almost anywhere, but it doesn't always taste delicious, which is why we hunted down the best English Breakfast we could find to give you a delicious cup of tea that doesn't easily get oversteeped or bitter, and that can become your new morning go-to. It's great with a bit of milk, lemon, sugar, or just straight black!

Original Product Description

Enligsh breakfast is the classic, familiar black tea you've likely tried dozens of times before. In our version of it, we've sourced the finest tea leaves oxidized to avoid any bitter, nasty flavors that can come from steeping a dark black tea like this one. It's the ideal tea for perking you up in the morning with its high caffeine content, and its strong familiar flavor.

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