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Earl Grey
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Taylors of Harrogate
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Strong, Bergamot, Citrus
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Our Review: Earl Grey by Taylors of Harrogate

Taylors Earl Grey is a classic version of the ancient English favorite. It's mostly unflavored besides the black tea leaves and bergamot oil, so you have a good idea of what you can expect from it. The tea bags are compact and its inexpensive, making it an easy tea for traveling with or bringing into the office if you don't have a steeper. The strength of the tea will get overwhelming (and possibly make you feel ill) if you steep it for too long, so be sure to set a timer for it when you start steeping!

Original Product Description

The elegant fragrance of the bergamot fruit gives Earl Grey its famous flavour. Ours balances this beautiful Sicilian citrus with light and delicate teas from Indonesia and high-altitude teas from the Blue Mountains in southern India. Use one tea bag. Add freshly boiled water and infuse for 3-5 minutes. Serve with or without milk.

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