The Ultimate Guide to the Best Tea Festival Events

Erika Marty

Looking for the best events and festivals to dive into the world of tea or learn more about tea culture? Maybe you're just looking for festivals where you can partake in tea tasting to find your next favorite tea. Whatever your motivation, heading to a tea festival is a great way to learn more about tea and discover new flavors. Here, we've rounded up the best tea festival options, tea events, and trade shows so you can rub elbows with other tea lovers and enhance your appreciation of tea.

The Best Tea Festivals in 2020


UC Davis Global Tea Initiative

January 16-17 

Davis, California


Toronto Tea Festival

February 1-2 

Toronto, CANADA

Coffee, Tea, & Cocoa Winter Program

February 18-20

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Thailand Coffee, Tea, & Drinks

February 27 - March 1



Vancouver Tea Festival

March 7-8

Burnaby, British Columbia, CANADA

15th Annual Coffee & Tea Festival New York

March 21-22

Brooklyn NYC, New York, USA


12th Beijing International Tea & Tea Ceremony Expo

April 23-26 

Beijing, CHINA


17th Shanghai International Tea Trade Expo

May 7-10 

Shanghai, CHINA

European Coffee, Tea, & Soft Drinks Expo

May 19 - 20



World Tea Expo

June 8 -11 

Denver, Colorado, USA

Tea World Festival

June 11-14


23rd Busan International Tea & Craft Fair

June 18-21


Sacramento International Tea Festival

June 27th

Sacramento, California, USA


Japan International Tea Show

July 1-3

Tokyo, JAPAN

Tea Fest PDX

July 18

Portland, Oregon, USA


Hong Kong International Tea Fair

August 13-15

Hong Kong

10th Annual Los Angeles Tea Festival

August 22-23

Los Angeles, California, USA


The Canadian Coffee & Tea Show

September 20-21

Toronto, CANADA

Northwest Tea Festival

September 26-27

Seattle, Washington, USA

Global Dubai Tea Forum

September 29 - October 1

Dubai, UAE


Tea & Coffee Festival

October 2-3

Yerevan, ARMENIA

PIR Coffee & Tea Expo

October 19 -22

Moscow, RUSSIA

Chicago International Tea Festival

October 31 - November 2

Chicago, Illinois, USA


Taiwan International Tea Expo

November 13-16

Taipei, TAIWAN


Organic Tea & Coffee Expo

December 6-8

Dubai, UAE

Other Tea Festivals TBD in 2020

Midwest Tea Festival

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

San Francisco International Tea Festival

Typically in October, but dates unconfirmed as of now

San Francisco, California, USA

8th International Coffee & Tea Festival Industry Expo

February 20-22 (Postponed due to Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak)


Join Other Attendees at the Best Tea Festivals, Trade Shows, and Events

We invite tea lovers to check out these tea festivals to discover award-winning teas, discover new tea markets, and stumble upon new tea pairings. Whether you're looking for a fancy and fun tea party or prefer trade shows where you can share your tea products, there is a tea festival for you. From the United States and Canada to China and Singapore, you'll find an event with lots of tea, inquisitive newcomers, and experienced exhibitors.

Join a tea extravaganza and meet attendees who will become friends and confidants in your journey of tea exploration. Savor all things coffee and tea with days of seminars, traditional tea ceremonies, and tips on how to use the right teaware for your brewing style.

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Erika Marty

As a digital nomad, I get to work from anywhere in the world and discover new teas every week. When I'm not working, you can find me mountain biking, hiking, and petting every stray dog I meet.

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